'Locks of love' Paris bridge reopens after railing collapse

This article is more than 12 months old

A bridge in Paris famed for the thousands of “locks of love” that controversially line its railings has reopened, the authorities said on Monday.

It was closed when part of a padlock-laden barrier collapsed.

Thousands of couples from across the world visit the picturesque Pont des Arts every year and seal their love by attaching a padlock to its railing and throwing the key into the Seine.

But this tradition has become controversial as critics say it causes damage to the structure in central Paris. 

On Sunday evening, police were forced to evacuate the footbridge after two and a half metres of railing collapsed under the weight of the tokens of affection, AFP reported.

The “locks of love” phenomenon has spread to other bridges and structures in the capital since they first made an appearance in 2008, to the joy of some and consternation of others who see them as eyesores and security risks.

Today, the 155-metre-long Pont des Arts is completely covered in locks.

Source: AFP