Love to travel but got a budget? Here are 7 cities with the cheapest accommodation

Dreaming of a holiday to New York but fretting over the cost? Better forget the Big Apple then - the accommodation will take a big bite out of your budget. 

According to's 2014 Accommodation Price Index, New York offers the most expensive accommodation.

In comparison, Singapore ranks as the 37th most expensive out of 150 cities.

The study looks at prices for different types of accommodation - including airbnb, an increasingly popular website and app that lets people rent out their homes to travellers - hostels and hotels.

So if you're looking to travel on the cheap - consider these nine locations (picked from the 20 most affordable cities) instead.


1) Sofia, Bulgaria 

5-star hotel: £56 (S$115)

Hostel: £6


2) Bucharest, Romania

5-star hotel: £69 

Hostel: £11


3) Bangkok, Thailand

5-star hotel: £100 

Hostel: £8


4) Budapest, Hungary

5-star hotel: £93 

Hostel: £10


5) Shanghai, China

5-star hotel: £92 

Hostel: £6


6) Athens, Greece

5-star hotel: £88 

Hostel: £9


7) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5-star hotel: £77 

Hostel: £6 

Source: Photos: Wikimedia Commons