Make me beautiful, she told Photoshoppers from around the world

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She sent her barefaced photo to 40 people in 25 countries with one request: Make me beautiful.

What she got back was pretty amazing.

Freelance reporter Esther Honig had asked her contacts - both experts in their field and amateurs - to use Photoshop to alter her photo.

In some cases, her image was dramatically transformed - with her eyebrows reshaped, her skin tone lightened or darkened, her nose narrowed or flattened to create an impression of what was attractive in that country.

She wrote on her website: "With a cost ranging from five to thirty dollars, and the hope that each designer will pull from their personal and cultural constructs of beauty to enhance my unaltered image, all I request is that they ‘make me beautiful’."

“Seeing some jobs for the first time made me shriek,” she told BuzzFeed. “Other times images, like the one from Morocco, took my breath away because they were far more insightful than I could have expected.”

Her project highlighted that the concept of beauty differs across cultures and countries.

She wrote: "Photoshop allows us to achieve our unobtainable standards of beauty, but when we compare those standards on a global scale, achieving the ideal remains all the more elusive."


Here are 11 interesting photos from her project.

1. Argentina

2. Indonesia

3. Chile

4. India

5. Morocco

6. Philippines​

7. Bangladesh

8. United Kingdom

9. Vietnam

10. Sri Lanka

11. United States

To see more photos, check out her website here.

Sources: E!Online, BuzzFeed