Malaysian sex addict neurosurgeon deported from Australia

Sydney neurosurgeon Dr Suresh Nair has been deported after he was jailed for the cocaine deaths of two prostitutes.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the sex addict was ordered by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to return to Malaysia. He left on Tuesday.

He was jailed in 2011 for the manslaughter of 22-year-old escort Domingues Zaupa.

She had suffered a cocaine overdose during an orgy at the surgeon’s luxury Sydney apartment in 2009.

Zaupa (in white) suffered a cocaine overdose in Nair's apartment. Photos: Facebook, SMH

He also pleaded guilty to giving cocaine to 23-year-old Victoria McIntyre at his apartment less than a year after, which led to her death.

The court was told that Nair continued to call for more prostitutes while Ms McIntyre was lay dead in his bedroom as he wanted to continue the marathon sex-and-drugs session.

The surgeon, who was responsible for multiple failed operations, was ordered by Mr Morrison to leave after he was released on parole on July 31.

“I take very seriously my role in protecting the Australian community from the risk of harm by non-citizens who engage in criminal conduct,’’ Mr Morrison said in a statement reported by the Sydney Morning Herald..

Although he had lived in Australia since he was a child, Nair was never given citizenship.

Source: The Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald