Malaysians angered by people who wore MH370-themed costumes for Halloween

​In a gross display of insensitivity, there have been groups of people making light of the MH370 tragedy by making Halloween costumes related to the missing flight that has yet to be found.

There have been people dressing up as the missing plane, and even donning costumes depicting the air stewardesses of the doomed flight that took the lives of 239 people.

A Malaysian who came across this photo took a screenshot and shared in on her Facebook page and it has since gone viral.

There were also others that were posted on Instagram.


The costumes have enraged netizens. 

Facebook user, Sash KH wrote: "With acts like these, we witness humanity dying bit by bit every day."

Another user Sai Janane Barnee said: "This is so pathetic. How heartless of them to do this."

The Star believes that none of these individuals who posted their MH370 costume ideas on social media are Malaysians.

Source: The Star Online,