Man asked to sell baby - to settle RM50 debt

He was short of RM50 ($18.90) while paying his debts to an Ah Long. 

What did the Ah Long suggest he do?

Sell one of his children for RM10,000.

According to a report in Metro Ahad, the man had borrowed RM1,000 from an Ah Long through a neighbour in October. 

"We were asked to pay RM150 in instalments every week for three months," said the 34-year-old man, known as Din. 

"However, early this month, I was short of RM50 and could not pay the instalment. The Ah Long asked my wife to sell my child."


Din said he had also borrowed from four other Ah Longs, to the tune of RM7,000. 

He said the suggestion from the Ah Long to sell one of his children had come after an earlier threat to kidnap one of his children. 

Fearing for the safety of his family, Din lodged a police report on Dec 10. 

"After lodging the report, the Ah Long told me that he was only joking. We are now afraid something will happen to our family," he said. 

The Muslim Conusmers Association's illegal moneylending bureau chief Yusuf Azmi said it had spoken to all of the man's debtors to help settle the debts. 

Source: The Star

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