Man begs doc: Please remove my breast

This article is more than 12 months old

He is the first man in Hubei province to get his breast tissues removed.

The 35-year-old, surnamed Lin, went under the knife because he feared getting breast cancer.

Mr Lin became worried after his mother and sister were diagnosed with the disease.

He said his fears were further exacerbated by news of American actress Angelina Jolie getting a double mastectomy, Shanghaiist reported.

"I will die young"

Last Monday, he went to a hospital in Wuhan to be examined.

Doctors there found a sizable lump in his mammary glands. They told him the lump was harmless and didn't need to be removed.

But Mr Lin insisted on getting the operation: "Please, if you don't help me remove it, I will die young in a few years."

They obliged.

Though men have breast tissue, their chances of getting breast cancer are about 100 times less than that of women, the doctor said.

Source: Shanghaiist, Xinhua News