Man dies after getting sex toy stuck in body for 5 days

This article is more than 12 months old

A man in south-east London was too embarrassed to seek medical help for a vibrator which got lodged in his body.

So he spent five pain-filled days lying on his sofa instead.

It was only after a friend begged him to get help that Nigel Willis, 50, finally sought medical care at the University Hospital Lewisham.

The friend called an ambulance for him.

Mr Willis was admitted into intensive care on Dec 30 last year, suffering from septic shock.​ Surgeons managed to remove the vibrator.

Unfortunately he died two months later from his severe injuries.

Embedded foreign body

Mr Willis had complained of weakness, dizziness and was unable to move from the sofa.

The vibrator had become stuck so deep in his rectum that it perforated his bowel.

Dr Peter Jerreat, who did the post mortem,  found the cause of death to be multi-organ failure, sepsis and a perforated bowel, the Mirror said.

These details emerged at a hearing at the Southwark Coroner's Court in London, reported the Daily Mail.

Mr Willis, who has a history of diabetes, lives with his elderly mother.

He was admitted to the ITU (intensive treatment unit) on New Year's Eve.

Dr Bernd Rose told the court that Mr Willis’s condition deteriorated. He became less responsive and died on Feb 7 this year. The coroner ruled Mr WIllis' death as an accident.

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