Man donates blood over 147 times in 10 years to save anaemia-sticken wife

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A man has spent the past 10 years making over 147 blood donations in a bid to save his wife who suffers from anaemia and myasthenia. 

In 2003, Xu Wenwu found out that his wife, Wang Xiaoying, needed regular blood transfusions after she collapsed from anaemia. 

Unable to afford the treatment, Mr Xu looked up  a blood donation policy in China that permits the spouse of the donor to use the blood for free. 

Lucky for him, he found out he shared the same blood type as his wife and decided to be her blood donor.    

"I used to give blood as a good deed, now I do it so that my wife can live longer", said Mr Xu.

Mrs Wang was later diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease, and lost the ability to care for herself.

Lost dozens of jobs

Her husband spent most of his time caring for her which has led to his dismissal from dozens of jobs in 5 years. 

Fortunately for Mrs Wang, she no longer requires blood transfusions to survive.

However her husband still remains a willing blood donor to those who in need. 

Source: Shanghaiist, Sina English

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