Man drives for 24 hours with dead girlfriend in front seat

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He was taking his girlfriend home from a mental health facility in Arizona.

Mr Ray Tomlinson, 62, decided to drive home to Detroit, Michigan, 2,700km away

Along the way, the 31-year-old girlfriend died but he continued to drive for 24 hours even after he discovered that she was dead, Mail Online reported.

When the police arrived at his home on Tuesday, the corpse was on the front passenger seat with a seatbelt and sunglasses on.

The woman was found dead in the front seat of this van with seatbelt buckled and sunglasses on.

Mr Tomlinson told the police he kept driving, because based on Internet research he did on his mobile phone, he thought he had 48 hours before he needed to take the woman to a mortuary.

The police did not release the names of the dead woman or the man but The Detroit Free Press identified Mr Tomlinson after they interviewed him.

“I cared too much for her,” Mr Tomlinson told The Detroit Free Press.

Tragic journey

Their tragic journey began on Sunday in the Phoenix area. 

At some point the woman, who had a history of substance abuse problems, may have taken oxycodone (pain killer), said Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green.

As their macabre journey continued, someone at the mental health facility in Arizona called the woman’s mobile phone to check on her.

“It’s a courtesy call,” Commissioner Green said. “He answers and said, ‘She can’t talk. ... She’s dead’.’’

And all through the trip, there was another passenger in the car, his 93-year-old mother.

Sources: Mail Online, Detroit Free Press

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