Man finds police volunteer-wife lying in pool of blood this morning

He doesn't know who had attacked his wife.

All he recalls is the shock of finding her sprawled in a pool of blood about 100m from their home in Kelantan early this morning.

The victim, Yashmin Fauzi, is 26.

The mother of three was a police volunteer reservist, Malaysian newspaper The Star reported.

She had stab wounds on her neck and hands

Hubby Mohd Azrul Isahak, 30 (also a police volunteer reservist) said his wife was in a semi-conscious state when he found her at about 2.40am. 

He said: 

"I believe she was running away from someone and had sought the help of the neighbours before collapsing by the roadside. 

"(She) died at 6.40am at the district hospital here after receiving emergency treatment."

They have three boys, ages six, five and five months old.  

Police are investigating the case.

Source: Star Online