Man hit by train while trying to save brother

A man died while trying to save his younger brother from being hit by an oncoming train at a Tube station in London.

The incident happened at Old Street station at 12.20am on Sunday (March 29).




It is believed that an item fell onto the tracks while the pair was standing at the platform, reported the London Evening Standard.

The younger brother jumped down to retrieve it, but had trouble getting back onto the platform.

The older brother was desperately trying to pull him back up when a train arrived, reported London Evening Standard.

Both were hit by the train.

The older brother, aged 35, died in hospital that same day, while the younger brother, aged 32, is in a stable but critical condition.

The paper quoted a Tube worker as saying: "They played the CCTV and you could see that the man dropped something down onto the track, a mobile phone or a wallet or something, and even though the train was coming he went down to try and get it.

"The other person who tried to help him was then hit as they were leaning over and trying to help him back up. But the train came along and hit them too. It was really tragic."

Sources: London Evening Standard, Manchester Evening News

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