Man jumps on bonnet of sports car, infuriates owner

This article is more than 12 months old

What do you do when you see a parked sports car? 

Snap a few photos, admire it for a few seconds, then walk on by.

One UK man, however, decided to jump on the bonnet of the £245,000 (S$520,000) McLaren 12C Spider and post photos of his actions on Facebook.

The owner of the three-month-old car was understandably furious when he saw the photos.

Mail Online reported the businessman as saying: "I’m waiting to identify the bloke so I can send him a nasty solicitor's letter."

"Fortunately there’s no massive damage. When I saw the picture I thought there would be massive dents," Metro quoted him as saying.

"Someone’s coming round later to give it a polish and clean the footprints off. It is still going to cost a lot of money - with these cars everything costs, unfortunately."

Yes, we know. This car would cost upwards of a million dollars in Singapore.

On parking illegally, the owner was quoted as saying: "Yes I parked on a double yellow, but it’s cheaper than the damage if you park in a car park. You shouldn’t expect to have that sort of thing."

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