Man lies to fiancee, marries someone else on wedding day

A bride arrived at a Hunan hotel on the day of her wedding banquet, only to see her fiance marry someone else.

The man had told her to postpone the wedding, claiming he had been involved in a fight on Jan 2 and was being held by police.

But when she went to the hotel to inform them of the changes, she found him celebrating his marriage to another woman, 

To add insult to injury, his wedding took place on the very same day and venue of their planned ceremony.

Called the police

The pair had been dating for four years, but the man's father did not like the woman and arranged for him to marry another.

Global Times reported that the man registered his marriage to the other woman without telling his long-time girlfriend.

Reluctant to end his relationship with her, he even got two people to pretend to be his parents and meet the woman's parents to discuss their marriage.

The furious woman called the police, and the party ended at a police station after they failed to resolve the matter.

Sources: The Star Online, Global Times