Man opens emergency exit door on China flight before take-off

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A Chinese passenger opened the emergency exit door on a China Southern Airlines flight before take-off from Nanjing Airport on Monday, reported the local media.

The man did so immediately after boarding the plane to Nanning, reported The Straits Times.

His actions shocked flight attendants and passengers who were in the process of boarding the plane, according to The Beijing News.

The man then sat by the open door, staring outside.

No one had tried to stop him, and he was able to open the door easily, said eyewitnesses quoted by the South China Morning Post. Flight attendants were busy helping other passengers.

'This door is not important'

When asked why he had opened the door, he was quoted by the Hong Kong newspaper as saying: "This door is not important."

The airline said he did not seem to show any indication that he knew he had done something wrong, the paper reported.

He was detained by police at Nanjing Airport.

The man’s actions caused the flight to be delayed by almost an hour.

The Beijing News reported that the man will spend the Chinese New Year holidays in prison.

Source: The Straits Times

Other cases of Chinese passengers opening the emergency exit doors of planes:

  1. Last month, 25 Chinese passengers opened the emergency exit doors on a plane before take-off in a show of anger after their flight was delayed, AFP reported.
  2. In December, a Chinese passenger on a China Eastern flight caused a two-hour delay when he attempted to get off the plane faster by using the emergency exit.
  3. In December, a Chinese man opened the emergency exit door of a Xiamen Air plane just before take-off. The first-time traveller reportedly wanted to get some fresh air.
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