Man pretends to be S'pore policeman, cheats woman of $400

32-year-old man was arrested for cheating a woman of $400 while in the guise of a policeman.

The man had approached the 29-year-old woman at Smith Street on Sunday at 1am and identified himself as a police officer, stated a police press release on Monday.

He allegedly produced a card resembling a police warrant card and told her he could obtain an extension for her social visit pass for $1,050.

The woman handed him $400 as a deposit and agreed to give him the remaining sum on Monday.

Suspicious of the man

But the woman became suspicious of him and made a police report soon after.

Authorities arrested him at 11.15pm at Smith Street that same day.

The man is believed to have been involved in other similar cases.

He was charged in court on Tuesday with Cheating by Personation

If found guilty of the offence, he can be jailed for up to five years and fined.