Man proposes to girlfriend with a bouquet of meat

Look closer, that's not your average bouquet of flowers.

A man in China got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend with a meat bouquet at a hotpot restaurant.

Why the use of raw beef slices rolled into the shape of roses? Because his girlfriend loves to eat meat.

The woman was moved to tears and accepted the proposal. 

The couple have been dating for five years.

The boyfriend reportedly said she had been growing fatter and fatter due to her love for meat, but that he did not mind.

While we are glad for the couple, we're a little wary of bouquets inspired by our favourite foods.

Bacon bouquets, anyone? Or what about steak ones? Because meat bouquets are an actual thing.

Here's one for lovers of bacon.


And yes, one for lovers of steak.


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