Man says his iPhone 6 caught fire after bending in pocket

So, not only do iPhone 6 devices bend now, but they also catch fire?

Well, at least one man in the US is claiming his did, after it bent while it was in his pocket. 

Entrepreneur and business coach Phillip Lechter wrote a blog post on Oct 14 saying he was on a visit to the University of Arizona when he and his family took a ride on a rickshaw, which then crashed. 

His iPhone 6, which was in his front pocket, bent during the crash, but then also started heating up and emitting smoke. 

"The smell was disturbing.  I could feel my leg burning," wrote Lechter. 


He said he had to lie down to get the iPhone 6 out of his pocket. 

"Someone from a crowd of spectators threw a cup of water on my leg to put the fire out on my jeans," recounted Lechter. 

Lechter posted a photo of his leg immediately after removing his iPhone 6 from his pocket. PHOTO: Phillip Lechter

His leather phone case prevented him from getting his fingers burned as he tried to remove the phone, but he said a bystander was not so lucky - burning his fingers when he tried to pick the phone up without the case. 

Another bystander threw ice on the phone (see video above). 

"Listen closely, you can hear the sizzling," wrote Lechter. 

Lechter added that a doctor assessed he had a "second degree (burn) with first degree burns surrounding the area". 


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