Man seen walking his tortoise in Japan

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This is truly life in the slow lane.

For one man, taking his pet for a walk is a long-term commitment.

If you happen to be in the town of Tsukishima in Tokyo, you might see this elderly gent who has been seen taking his pet giant tortoise for a walk.

The unusual pair has been sighted strolling – slowly – around around the town, which is built on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay.

Even more unusual is that owner sometimes dresses his tortoise pal.

While not much is unknown about the pair, Rocket News wrote that they have even been spotted in Ginza, Tokyo.

A distance of 1.5km according to Google Maps.

Photo: Screengrab/Google map

Considering that tortoises are not known for being speed demons, it is a round trip that could easily take an entire evening to complete.

But before you apply the usual "...because Japan" tag to this story, it is not the only reported case of a man taking his pet tortoise for a walk.

In 2013, the a man from Kentucky, US, was in the news, for doing exactly the same.

Anyone thinking of taking up a giant tortoise as a pet may want to make sure that they have someone in line to look after the creature in future years.

The average life span is 100 years, with some on the Galapagos Islands living to the ripe old age of 200.

Maybe there is something to taking life slowly after all.

Source: Rocket News, Twitter

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