Man sends love letters to lure women into bed to film and blackmail them

This article is more than 12 months old

In the age of instant messaging and e-mail, an old-fashioned love letter is quite a treat. 

When penned by a suitor or admirer, it can be considered an extremely romantic gesture.

A man in Kuala Lumpur has been doing just that, except he has not limited himself to just one woman.

The man in his 40s has been sending love letters to housewives, career women and students in an attempt to woo them into bed, reported China Press.

His motive? To film their sex romps and then blackmail the women.


The man, who is described as good-looking and masculine, has duped at least seven women, two of whom have paid a total of RM29,000 (S$10,700).

The woman lodged a complaint with Malaysia Community Policing Association president Kuan Chee Heng several days ago.

The lothario would send them love letters. When they responded positively, he would arrange dates at hotel rooms, where he would recorded their sex sessions.

While only seven women have been revealed as blackmail victims, it was reported that the man has made 250 bookings for hotel rooms in the past three months.

Mr Kuan said the video footage used in the blackmail attempts did not show the man and urged other victims to lodge police reports.

Source: The Star Online