Man shoots dead neighbour, 13, after he found teen laughing at him

​A man shot his 13-year-old neighbour nine times on Friday.

The reason: The teen, Kobe Jones, was laughing at him after someone broke into his house.

The man, from Indiana, was angry after he found the teen chuckling, police and the teen's relatives said.

Jones' father said: "I was told my son was laughing and the guy shot him dead."

He died at the scene.

Police did not release the neighbour's name, media reports said.

Angry couple

It seems the man and his 32-year-old girlfriend had returned to their home in the afternoon, when they discovered the break-in.

Detective James Nielsen said: "He started then, up and down the street, knocking (on doors) and wanting to know who broke into his home."

The couple then zeroed in on Jones, who was sitting on his own front porch, laughing. 

They left the area immediately but returned two hours later - when the police arrested them.

Source: New York Daily News, Post-Tribune

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