Man sleepwalks off cliff in US and survives

An Ohio man fell 60 feet (18 metres) off a cliff while sleepwalking in a national forest in Kentucky,.

Luckily, he suffered only minor injuries, officials said on yesterday.

Ryan Campbell, 27, was camping with his friends in the northern part of the Daniel Boone National Forest early last Thursda, when he plummeted during a night-time stroll.

It took several hours for emergency crews to rescue him.

"He had facial trauma and a head laceration, but his mood was very good. He was responding to our instructions," said John May, one of the first responders to reach Campbell.

Ryan Campbell had very little injuries according to rescuers when they found him. Photo: ABC News/YouTube

Campbell fell on a bush, which broke his fall. That saved him from potentially more serious injuries.

Wolfe County's volunteer squad was called in for its experience rescuing hikers and climbers from the forest's steep cliffs.

That part of the forest, near Red River Gorge, a recreational area, draws thousands of tourists annually. - Reuters