Man smuggles wife to Britain in suitcase after visa application rejected

His wife made several applications for a visa - but was refused each time.  

So Bodgen Croitor, 30, decided to smuggle his wife into Britain inside a suitcase. 

After catching a ferry from Calais in France, Croitor's car was halted by immigration officials as he approached the car port in Dover, Kent. 

Inside the car, officials found a suitcase. 

They popped it open and discovered the Latvian man's wife curled inside. 

Croitor later explained to a court that it was his wife's idea to hide inside the suitcase. 

The court also heard that while Croitor was granted permission to live in UK, his Moldovan-born wife was denied entry after her numerous applications for a visa failed.

Jail sentence suspended

Croitor was given a 14 month jail sentence suspended for two years. 

He was ordered to commit 100 hours of community service and pay £400 (S$810).

Source: Metro, Mail Online

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