Man spends S$197,000 in cosmetic surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian

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A man underwent over 50 lip procedures and receives regular botox injections for one goal - to look like American TV personality Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to The Sun, Jordan James Parke, 23, said: "I love everything about Kim.

"She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her."

Television personality Kim Kardashian. PHOTO: Reuters

Having spent US$150,000 (S$197,000) on cosmetic surgery, the British makeup artist added: "I’m addicted to lip-fillers. The bigger, the better. I’ve never felt better about myself. I laugh when people try to insult me by telling me I look plastic or fake. Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back."

Mr Parke who keeps his social media accounts private, remains optimistic over the mixed reactions he has received for his look.

"I love all the attention and the stares I get in the street. I welcome the hate – it just means more attention. And if anything, it just spurs me on to get more work done."

Source: The Huffington Post, People magazine 


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