Man splashes acid on ex to 'win her back'

Heard of the saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"?

Uh, not quite. Seems spurning this man from Xi'an in China's Shaanxi province is far scarier.

Known only by his surname Zhang, he wanted to win his ex-girlfriend back.

But instead of turning to time-tested romantic gestures like presenting her with flowers or doing sweet deeds, he allegedly poured acid on her face.

He admitted to splashing acid on the woman's face after she broke up with him so that other men would reject her. She would then have to return to him.

The victim, known only as Ms Zhang, suffered from secondary chemical burns to her right eye, Global Times reported. She has also been left severely scarred after the attack.

Vicious attempts

The two met in August last year and shortly after, Wang reportedly proposed to Ms Zhang.

After she refused him, Wang decided to take action. He planned violent attacks aimed at disfiguring his ex.

Previous attempts included allegedly hiring a man to throw boiling water on Ms Zhang's face in January.

When that fell through, he tried to attack her a few days later with battery acid, but also failed.


Source: Global Times