Man steals 3-month-old kitten as Valentine's Day gift, returns it later with apology note

Price tags can be off-putting at times - especially when trying to buy the best Valentine's Day gift for a lover. 

So when one man found the perfect gift from a Minneapolis pet store - a three-month-old kitten - he decided to steal it rather than pay.  

According to Ruff Start Rescue's Cat Intake Coordinator, Abbey Lynn, the man entered the PetSmart store on Friday (Feb 6) asking to look at cats. 

Ruff Start Rescue partner's with the PetSmart chain to help rehouse rescued cats.

When he was done looking, a manager secured all the cages, leaving the man by himself. 

Shortly after, a store employee saw that a cage had been cut open and there was no sign of the cage's resident, a three-month-old kitten named Wednesday. 

It's disappearance sparked a social media campaign aimed at locating the little feline.   



A day later on Saturday, the kitten was returned to another PetSmart store in a box with an apology note attached.

In the note, the man said that he could not afford the kitten which was meant to be a Valentine's Day gift.

Ruff Start believes that its online campaign play an important part in persuading the man to return the kitten.

Source: SFGate, KSTP-TV 

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