Man swallows cigarette so he won't get fined for puffing in no-smoking zone but...

Here's a reminder to those caught lighting up in a non-smoking zone: Just pay up.

The financial pain probably won't be as terrible compared to what this man in Segamat, Johor, went through.

The  30-year-old swallowed a burning cigarette butt to avoid getting fined by health officers who were conducting random spot checks.

It seems he acted on impulse, stuffing the still-lit stick in his mouth.

But he ended up vomiting everything out as he could not tolerate the heat from the burning tobacco inside his mouth, Malaysian newspaper Star Online reported, citing Harian Metro.

Giving excuses

Segamat district health office senior officer Dr Mokhtar Ahmad said that many stubborn smokers who were caught violating the non-smoking regulation had often gave excuses.

For instance, they would say they were illiterate or unaware they were in a smoke-free zone.

But not everyone becomes the butt of jokes, unlike this man in pain.

Sources: Harian Metro, Star Online