Man tweeted Michael Brown shooting as it was happening

He witnessed a horrific shooting just outside of his home, and what did he do?

He tweeted every single thing he saw.

Twitter user TheePharoah, a rapper living in Ferguson, Missouri, saw local police shoot 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug 9 from inside his home.

One of the first few things he posted online was a photo of Brown's body on the ground with a Ferguson police officer standing over it.

Twitter users slowly started asking him for details about what was happening.

Stuck in his apartment, TheePharoah's timeline of events and details started to develop further as more questions came in.

His documentation of the entire story has been marked as an important part of the events as very few people witnessed what happened from start to end.

Brown, who was unarmed during the shooting, was shot at least six times according to a private autopsy report conducted by Dr. Michael M. Baden, a former chief medical examiner in New York. He performed the separa​te autopsy at the family's request.

Dr Baden suggested that​ one of the bullets that had hit the top of Brown's skull, which was the fatal shot.

This suggested that his head was bent forward when it struck him.

He also said that the bullets were not fired from a close distance as there was no gunpowder present on his body. It could ha​ve been on his clothes but Dr Baden said he was not given access to any of them.

The police department is under a negative spotlight for refusing to clarify the details of the shooting.

Sources: Twitter, The New York Times, The Daily Dot

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