Man, who has 100 involuntary orgasms a day, says life is miserable

​What was once pleasurable has now turned into misery for 37-year-old Dale Decker.

The father of two suffers from a condition that makes him experience about ​100 involuntary orgasms a day.

He first experienced the condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome after he slipped a disk in his back two years ago.

Decker was on his way to the hospital when he ejaculated five times on the drive. And since then, this has become a common occurrence.

He says that his life has become miserable since then.

"Imagine being on your knees at your father's funeral beside his casket, saying goodbye to him - and then you have nine orgasms right there - while your whole family is standing behind you.

He continued: "It makes you never want to have another orgasm for as long as you live. There's nothing pleasurable about it because even though it might feel physically good - you're completely disgusted by what's going on."

His family is strained by his condition too. Decker said that he avoids going out with his kids because he is afraid he will experience an orgasm in public - "like in a playground."

Surprisingly, his sex life with his wife is in tatters too as they rarely have sex.

Dale Decker, 37, says he experiences 100 orgasms a day, which is a condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome.

The pair have also resorted to sleeping in different beds because Decker "has episodes at night", said his wife April.

Dr Dean Harris, a gynaecologist in New York said: "Being aroused can be a wonderful thing, but this is not like arousal, it's not even sexual.

"It's a horrendous spasm and it can be terribly painful. Suicide is always a concern when people suffer from this condition - they feel like they have no other way to escape it," added Dr Harris.

Earlier this year, an American Amanda Gryce was reported to be suffering from similar condition that made her experience about 50 orgasms a day.

Gryce, 24, said: "It happens when I'm with my friends or out in public and it's very embarrassing."

Just sitting in a car or loud bass can set her off.

But she has been seeing a doctor who is helping her to slowly manage the problem. And this includes taking medication to numb the areas around the relevant areas.

Source: New York Post, Mail Online

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