McDonald's to offer breakfast all-day in the US

This article is more than 12 months old

It is finally happening in the US.

Fans of McDonald's breakfast could be having the Sausage Egg McMuffin, Pancakes or Big Breakfast for dinner once the all-day breakfast is launched in San Diego.

Time reported that the fast food giant is testing this out alongside table service as part of its innovative efforts.

McDonald's released a statement two days ago saying: "We know our customers love McDonald’s breakfast and they tell us they’d like to enjoy it beyond the morning hours.

"So next month, we will begin testing all-day breakfast at select restaurants in the San Diego area. 

“We look forward to learning from this test, and it’s premature to speculate on any outcomes.”

The New Paper contacted McDonald's Singapore on Tuesday (March 31), but as of 6pm on Wednesday (April 1), we had not heard back from the restaurant as to whether we'll ever see all-day breakfast served here.

Recently on March 17, Singaporeans enjoyed an all-day breakfast at Mcdonald's when the latter celebrated National Breakfast Day by also giving out over 100,000 Egg McMuffins.

On weekdays, breakfast is served from 4am to 11am.

On weekends and public holidays, breakfast hours are extended to noon.

Here are two more interesting experiments McDonald’s is trying out right now.

Table Service 
The McDonald’s in Frankfurt, Germany, is allowing customers to place orders via a digital kiosk or with a waiter who comes around to their table.

There are actual waiters at this McDonald’s, and once orders are ready, they’ll bring the food out to customers’ tables.

Build Your Burger
Another customisable option being tested by McDonald’s is the Build Your Burger programme spotted at restaurants in southern California last year.

Customers mix and match what they want on burgers and, in some cases, chicken sandwiches as well.

So why hasn't all-day breakfast been feasible at McDonald's so far?

BBC reported on its website that McDonald's says its kitchen grills "simply don't have the room for all of our menu options at one time".

It also says its "universal holding cabinets" in which food is kept warm, are almost at full capacity during the day.

This means there is nowhere to store breakfast items as well as products from the main menu.

Source: Time, BBC, McDonald's Singapore