Meet airline KLM's detective Sherlock, the dog

Dutch airline KLM has enlisted the help of a cute little beagle to be on their payroll.

Just watch the (very cute) YouTube video and you'll know why.

They hired the pooch to be part of the Lost & Found team at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport - so it can reunite lost items to their rightful owners.

Oh, did we mention the beagle's name is Sherlock?

How does Sherlock work?

Through its keen sense of smell, of course.

First the sniff.

Then the return.

​And what does Sherlock's human colleagues think of his contribution to the team?

They love him. 

How could they not? 

After all, Sherlock not only looks cute (blue is definitely his colour) but does good deeds helping to return stuffed toys to children.

So if you happen to fly through Schiphol airport, keep a lookout for Sherlock the beagle.

We won't blame you if you happen to "accidentally" lose one of your belongings, just to check him out.

Source: YouTube