Meet Mr Burger and Miss King - yes, Burger King is sponsoring their wedding

US couple Joel Burger and Ashley King are getting married. Guess who's footing the bill. 

Burger King.

The fast food company has agreed to pay for the expenses of the July 17 ceremony in Jacksonville city in Florida.

Mr Burger and Miss King have known each other since fifth grade.

They announced their engagement by taking a photo next to a Burger King logo and sending it to their friends.

Their love story was published in The State Journal-Register on April 2.

When the fast food company got wind of the upcoming nuptials, it decided to be a part of it.

Burger King told the couple through a Skype conversation on Monday (April 6) that it would pay for the ceremony, reported The State Journal-Register.

"Burger King wants to help give you a whopper of a wedding,” an employee told the couple. "In other words, it’s on us."

Besides footing the bill, the company will also be providing gifts bags and Burger King crowns to guests.

Sources: The State Journal-Register, Mirror, NY Daily News

Photos: Facebook

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