Men, look like you're wearing a bra with this T-shirt

This article is more than 12 months old

Dressing for hot weather? No sweat.

Here's a bra-flaunting T-shirt, made just for men.

That's right. A quirky brand has come up with the eyebrow-raising look: Wearing the so-called Transparent Bra Men's T-shirt makes you look like you're wearing... a brasserie.

Thank Japan-based retailer Village Vanguard for the fashion faux pas.

Check out the outline of black bra straps, sure to confuse people as the wearer strolls past.

No matter if you don't have (man) boobs.

The front's a little less titillating, with just a small bra logo stitched into it, Mail Online reported.

Prefer something more modest?

Then go for the design below, which looks as if it is drenched before you even put it on.

Wet, wet, wet

Introducing the Soaked-through School Swimsuit T-shirt.

Designed to make the wearer look like he's pulled a plain white top over a wet dark navy swimsuit, it is meant to be soggy and see-through.

The makers say they are celebrating the "idiocy of summertime".

Both designs retail for 2,808 yen (S$34.50) each.

The wet t-shirt version is available now, while the brand is taking pre-orders for the men's bra option.

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