Men pay to watch her eat and break wind on camera

By day, Sarah Reign is a security guard at a factory in the US. But by night, the 26-year-old is a "feedee".

She eats copious amounts of food while in her underwear. And the whole process in broadcast over her webcam for paying male viewers.

Yes, there is a market out there for this fetish.



She earns US$1,500 (S$2,000) a month from this side job, which can see her smearing food all over her body, covering herself in sauce, putting things in her belly button and breaking wind on demand, reported Uni Lad.

Miss Reign has put on 38kg since embarking on this career and now weighs 181kg, reported Mail Online.




But she isn't content with just catering to clients with this fetish.

Miss Reign has branched out into other fetishes and now sells her used underwear and does squashing sessions.

These sessions require her to sit on top of her client while in her underwear. She has had eight such clients.

Said Miss Reign: "Lots of men want to feed me so much I can't move anymore, but that's not my thing. I still want to be active and do my day job."

So what's the most common request she gets?

To dress up as a pig.

"I have a piggy nose and ears that I wear and eat really messily in, covering my face with chocolate. 

"But when the camera's off, I'm a clean freak and put my bra and the towels I use to cover the floor straight in the washing machine."

Sources: Mail Online, Uni Lad

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