Michael Jackson, the crocodile, shot dead after killing fisherman

While trying to free his fishing line, a 57-year-old man had a fatal encounter with a salt water crocodile named after pop icon M​ichael Jackson. 

The 4.6m c​rocodile savaged the fisherman to death in front of his wife at a river in Australia's Northern Territory, reported The Mirror.

The fisherman's wife was not looking at her husband but turned around when she heard his screams.

The enormous reptile dragged the victim underwater.

Australian authorities hunted and shot the crocodile after the victim's wife informed them of the incident. The fisherman was found later that night.

The crocodile was named after the late King of Pop by boat guides on the Adelaide River as it was half-albino.

Rob Marchard, who runs Jumping Croc cruises said, “Michael Jackson was one in a million."

He told the ABC News Australia on Tuesday that the crocodile had been in the river for years and that recently, the crocodiles have been fighting a lot to claim position and are preparing to breed.

"They know how to do three major things – eat, reproduce and aggression. If you don’t look after yourself, you find yourself eaten.”

Crocodiles was often made to leap from the water for chicken that was dangled from boats during tours. 

The Adelaide River is well known for its Jumping Croc tours, where boats travel the river and crocodiles jump for meat attached to hooks. Photo: Adelaide River Cruises

Mr Marchand said in no way did it make them more aggressive.

He said, “I’m sure crocs knew how to eat people before we came along.”

There have been three fatal attacks so far this year in Australia.

Adam Britton, a reptile expert at Charles Darwin University, said, “They acted appropriately to shoot him, but it’s a real shame they had to do it.

"He was a well-known, well-loved crocodile.”

Source: Mirror, ABC News Australia