This millionaire wakes up at dawn to pick up trash

This millionaire wakes up at the crack of dawn every day to clean up the town he lives in.

Armed with plastic bags and a pair of tongs, the man - known only as Yo - walks the streets of Bahrain at around 5am picking up rubbish.

What's stranger is the fact that the man isn't even a Bahraini. He's a South Korean investor who lives there.

And he has been picking up trash for the past 11 years, reported Huffington Post.

A video of the millionaire garbage man was posted on YouTube last week.

Makes people sick

Mr Yo said in the clip: "There is a lot of garbage and this makes people sick. It causes problems."

Pointing to bags filled with trash he collected from the streets, Mr Yo proudly proclaimed: "This is all money."

According to the video, Mr Yo not only picks up trash, he also sorts it, separating the recyclable from the non-recyclables.

The person who filmed the clip, Mr Omar Varov, said: "Mr Yo is a real-life example. He is neither perfect nor imaginary. And I was wondering how many Mr Yos we need to keep our world clean?

"But I realised, if each one of us picked up the trash in front of us, we'll not need the likes of Mr Yo. We all would be Mr Yo."

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