Minister K Shanmugam pays tribute to 'dear friend' Subhas Anandan as condolences flood social media

Arguably one of Singapore's most popular criminal lawyers, Mr Subhas Anandan's death from heart failure this morning has grabbed many Singaporeans' attention.

Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam posted a tribute to the president of the Association of Criminal Lawyers on Facebook.

He said:

"Subhas' name is synonymous with tenaciousness in court, a sharp intellect and above all, a generous heart."

"His unswerving belief in fair representation for the accused, and granting them a second chance in life, makes him an inspiring role model for the rest of the Criminal Bar."




Tributes have also flooded social media as people expressed their condolences, making 67-year-old Mr Subhas one of the top trending topics on Twitter.













Sources: Twitter, Facebook 

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