Missing baby found after 5-hour search

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Ms Hong Nguyen, 34, was on her morning jog when she heard a baby crying.

She was surprised to see a baby girl still strapped in her car seat near a running trail in Houston, Texas.

The infant was unharmed except for some ant bites. 

"I thought the baby was abandoned," Ms Nguyen said, reported NBC.

But a child abduction alert had gone out five hours ago for eight-month-old Genesis Haley. 

She had been missing since the car she was in was stolen on Monday. 

Car abandoned

Eight-month-old Genesis Haley was found after a five-hour search. She had been missing when the car she was in was stolen at a gas station in Houston, Texas, on Monday.

A police officer with the rescued baby

The thief had made off with the Saturn Ion when Haley's mother went to pay for petrol at a petrol kiosk.

 The car was later found abandoned less than a kilometre away but with the baby missing. 

"That’s my duty as a human being to (report the missing child),” Ms Nguyen said, reported 

“I can’t believe - it was so scary to see that situation.”

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