Monitor lizard bites eight-month-old baby, tries to drag her away

In one of the most uncommon reptile attacks, an adult monitor lizard bit an eight-month-old girl and tried to drag her away in Tioman Island in Rompin, in the Malaysian state of Pahang.

The lizard had sunk its teeth into the girl’s head and tried to take her out of the staff quarters of a holiday resort into nearby bushes early on Monday, The Star reported.

The infant was saved when her cries attracted the attention of her mother, Nor Raudah Abdullah, 38, who rushed to her aid.

Rompin Deputy Superintendent Johari Jahaya said Ms Nor Raudah, a housewife, had left Nur Hidayah Abdul Rahman in the kitchen.

Said DSP Johari: “When she rushed to check on her, she was shocked to see the monitor lizard with its sharp claws trying to drag her out.

"She hit the lizard, forcing it to release its grip before chasing it away."

Taken to clinic

The girl was bleeding and villagers took her to a nearby clinic.

She has been transferred to Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru for further treatment.

She is now in a stable condition.

Source: The Star


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