More road safety measures in school zones

New safety measures, including a flashing sign, have been piloted by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) at 10 primary schools.

The sign comprises three smaller signs, a "children ahead, school zone" sign, a "40kmh" speed limit sign, and a "when lights flash" sign with a pair of alternating amber lights, reported The Straits Times online.

Motorists will be required to reduce their speed limit to 40kmh or under when the amber lights on the sign flash during school peak hours.

Schools can operate the signs and can choose to leave it turned on throughout the day if there are ongoing school activities.

Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Health, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, who launched the new road sign yesterday at Canberra Primary School, said that the new road safety measures will be rolled out at 200 primary schools by 2018.

He said LTA will also be looking at how to enhance road safety in neighbourhoods with a large ageing population.

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