Mr Bean saves the day

This article is more than 12 months old

Mr Bean, aka Rowan Atkinson in real life went to the rescue of a driver who had crashed his car into a tree.

The British actor was one of the first to go to the wealthy American businessman's aid after he had lost control and crashed his 6.1-litre engine McLaren sports car into a tree in central Italy on Tuesday.

Atkinson, 59, was part of a convoy of motoring enthusiasts driving their McLaren F1s through the Tuscan countryside. He rushed to the businessman's aid when the accident happened.

He also picked up pieces of debris from the sports car, which was completely destroyed after flipping onto its roof.

Italian police, firefighters and medics arrived at the scene and the driver was airlifted to a hospital in Pisa. His condition was said to be "not serious".

Three years ago, Atkinson had crashed his own McLaren F1 into a tree after the vehicle struck a slippery patch of road near his home.

The car burst into flames but thankfully the comedian managed to escape with only minor injuries.

The real damage was the repair cost of the car, which amounted to £910,000 (S$1.91 million) - the biggest repair bill ever recorded in Britain, according to English media reports.

Source: Daily Mail