Mr Lee Kuan Yew's daughter on his death: I will not show my pain to the world...

Her mother died in 2010. Her father died on March 23.

The loss of a loved one hurts.

As Dr Lee Wei Ling said: 

"I am Lee Kuan Yew's daughter... Papa’s death was indeed a painful event for me, but I will not show my pain to the world."

Instead, she's focusing on something more positive - on how his death brought out the best in Singaporeans.

She wrote in The Sunday Times today (April 5):

"I don’t think Singaporeans suddenly woke up on March 23 and decided they loved and were grateful to Lee Kuan Yew.
"His death was the occasion, not the cause, for the expression of feelings that were always there."

After all, Singapore's founding prime minister never sought popularity, never suffered fools gladly and "as everyone knows, he was not cuddly", she said.

But he showed through his actions, what was important.

Mr LKY talking to a factory worker during his visit to Jurong in 1965, with daughter Lee Wei Ling. PHOTO: LEE KUAN YEW: A LIFE IN PICTURES

In brief, here are some of the lessons she felt we could learn.

  • Do what's right.

It's not about impressing others or doing what's popular and politically correct.

  • Be proud of Singapore.

The Old Guards fought for independence and built up this country. Keep our heritage.

"Never be impressed by the white man who thinks he is superior to you.

"We are no less and probably more capable than he is."

  • Retain mutual respect for one another

 The empathy we now know we're capable of will make life a little easier and our interaction more pleasant. 

The creators of the black ribbon framing the profile of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew have come up with a new version - a red ribbon. PHOTO: Facebook/ Alex Yam

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Sources: YouTube, The Sunday Times


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