M'sia investigating ISIS-inspired video containing threats to cause explosion at courthouse

Malaysia police are investigating a video which depicts four masked men issuing a warning that they will "blow up fireworks" at a courthouse on Wednesday (Feb 18).

The men said the action will symbolise their mistrust in the judicial system. 

Federal Commercial CID director Commissioner Mortadza Nazarene said police have begun a probe into the video, which appeared to be a terror threat in the style of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group

"We are aware of the video and we are taking it seriously," he said on Monday. 

The clip went viral a week after opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty of sodomising his former aide and sentenced to five years in jail. 

Molotov cocktail, petrol bombs

In the minute-long video uploaded on Sunday to a YouTube account called Isis Malaysia 69, one of the four men declared that their action signalled the beginning of their protest on the breakdown of democracy. 

Another person was also seen brandishing a Molotov cocktail.

Petrol bombs were placed on a table and a Malaysian flag hung in the background.

The group also used a picture of actress Nora Danish in their video.

Nora was quoted as saying that she was shocked to learn that she "is being used".

Source: The Star