M’sia loses 4.27 billion litres of water every day due to leaky pipes

More than 4.27 billion litres of treated water — enough to fill more than 1,700 Olympic-sized swimming pools or keep the state of Perlis going for 53 days — are leaking out of Malaysia's ageing pipe system every day.

Experts warn that more will be wasted unless drastic measures are taken.

If saved, that amount of water could ease stressed water supplies in the Klang Valley, as fears of a shortage and rationing loom dangerously, The Star reported.

According to the National Water Services Commission, non-revenue water (NRW) accounted for 36.6 per cent of all water pumped out of treatment plants last year, or about 5.69 billion litres a day, The Star reported.

This was higher than 2012, which saw a 36.4 per cent of NRW.

Of this amount, at least 75 per cent was due to problems like leaky asbestos-cement pipes and other infrastructure problems.

Source: The Star