M'sia man dies after jumping out of car ... during argument with wife

She was having an argument with her husband when he suddenly jumped out of their moving car

The 36-year-old Sibu man, a labourer, was said to be riled up after his wife had told him to stop his drinking habit, reported Harian Metro. 

The incident happened on Tuesday (Sept 2). The man was pronounced dead at the scene due to severe head injuries. 

The couple's children, aged two and 13, were also in the car when the incident happened. 

The man's wife, Empu Entalang, told the paper she had gone to the construction site where her husand worked during his lunch break to pick him up to meet his mother, who had travelled from her village to visit her son and his family. 

"When I reached the construction site, I saw him drinking alcohol so I told him off. My intention was good. I wanted him to change," she said. 

"I am shocked and our children are still traumatised."

Source: Harian Metro, via The Star