M'sia police find house in Penang where Myanmar nationals​ were slaughtered

They murdered and dismembered people in this rented single-storey house (pictured above) in Penang in brutal revenge killings.

And when they were done, they washed and repainted the house, and returned the house key to the unsuspecting owner.

This is believed to be one of the sites of the gruesome murders of Myanmar nationals.

Over the past few months, mutilated corpses and severed body parts have been discovered in the Malaysian state, with at least 18 mysterious and unexplained murders of Myanmar nationals​. 

Police recently raided the house at Kampung Pisang and sealed it off.

The authorities also recovered a car, which is believed to have been used by the suspects to transfer the body parts.


Penang police chief Senior Deputy Commissioner Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi said the house is where the most recent two murders are believed to have taken place.

“Police have recovered three long machetes believed to be the weapons used by the suspects,” he said.

“We are still investigating how many bodies had been cut up in the house."

Revenge is believed to be the motive behind the killings, he added.

The killers also rented another house six doors away and lived there for the past four months.


Two more suspects were arrested on Thursday night, taking the total number of suspects detained over the past two weeks for the murders to 17 Myanmar nationals.

Police believe they have solved the murder cases involving eight of the victims.

"We are still in the midst of arresting more suspects.

"The operation will focus on 18 murder cases involving Myanmar nationals in Penang,” said the police chief.

There have been 51 murders in the state this year, of which 18 victims were Malaysians and 33 were foreigners.

Source: The Star

By the numbers

18 cases of Myanmar nationals killed in Penang so far this year

10 unidentified bodies which could also be that of Myanmar nationals

17 Myanmar men arrested over the past two weeks

Body parts discovered

Nov 4 Headless body of a woman found floating in the sea.

Nov 6 Torso and arms of a woman found stuffed in a suitcase

Nov 7 A pair of mutilated legs found at a landfill

Nov 24 A head with both ears missing found in a plastic bag outside a restaurant

Nov 29 A man's leg found in an irrigation canal

Nov 30 A hand found in an irrigation canal; a hand and a leg found in nearby bushes

Dec 1 A head and an arm found in a plastic bag near a garbage bin