M'sia student aborts foetus, hides it in dormitory

A 21-year-old student took pills to abort her baby and hid the foetus in her dormitory.

It was found in a plastic bag in a laundry basket by a schoolmate and a dormitory warden.

The incident happened on Monday at a private higher learning institution in Puchong, Selangor.

A police source said the student initially told her schoolmate she had a mild stomach ache. The student was later rushed to hospital.

"The college mate was informed by the nurse that her friend just had an abortion," said the source.

Looked through friend's messages

The friend looked through the student’s mobile phone and found an exchange of messages between the student and her boyfriend explaining that she had aborted the baby and placed it inside a plastic bag.

The police source said: "The student’s friend rushed back to the dormitory and found a black plastic bag containing the foetus inside a laundry basket."

The hostel management then lodged a police report.

"Based on initial investigation, four tablets of celecoxib were believed to have been used to abort the baby," said the source.

Celecoxib pills are used to treat arthritis and menstrual cramps, but more woman are abusing the drug to terminate unplanned pregnancies, reported Harian Metro.

Source: The Star