M'sia teen runs away from home after school confiscates her phone

A 16-year-old girl ran away from home five days after her mobile phone was confiscated by her school.

Yi Qian could have left home thinking that her parents had done nothing to help her get her mobile phone back, said her mother, N. Sithara Devi.

The mobile phone was confiscated by the secondary four student's school on Sept 25.

Madam Sithara, 46, said she had visited the school on Sept 28 and Sept 30 to try to retrieve the phone.

"But the principal was not around on both occasions," she said.

Disappointed with her family

The Malaysian girl, who is the youngest of four siblings, disappeared on Sept 30, leaving a letter behind for her parents.

In the letter, the teen apologised for running away and said she was disappointed with her family for not giving her a chance to improve herself.

She also told her father that she would be “going somewhere far away” and asked her parents not to disturb her best friend over her disappearance.

The girl's father Khor Ooi Seen, 48, was seen crying as the letter was read out at a press conference on Saturday.

'Hugging her sister'

Madam Sithara said she last saw the girl at about 7pm on Sept 30 at their home in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Said the mother: "She went out via the backdoor after hugging her sister and taking RM50 (S$19) from her.

"We found her clothes missing and the letter for her dad."

A police report was lodged on Thursday.

Source: The Star