M'sia woman reportedly the brains behind love scam

She targets women and cheats them out of millions.

A Malaysian woman, in her 30s, is believed to be behind the online “love scam” syndicate. Her name was not released.

Authorities arrested five Nigerians linked to the syndicate on Friday and Saturday.

Sungai Buloh OCPD Supt Junaidi Bujang said that all the suspects were in their 30s.

“The syndicate looks out for lonely victims within or outside of the country via Facebook," he said. “After getting to know the victims, who are mostly women, they will start to send romantic messages to them.”

Supt Junaidi said among the victims who had been duped by the syndicate was a bank manager, who lost RM223,000 (S$88,000).

As many as 1,750 Malaysians have fallen prey to Internet “love scams” since Jan 2013 and have been cheated of RM68.3 million, Harian Metro reported.

Most victims were women.

Sources: Star Online, Harian Metro