M'sian granny kicks off hungry buaya

This article is more than 12 months old

Five minutes - that was how long it took a feisty Malaysian granny to fend off a hungry buaya that wanted her for lunch.

The elderly woman, Manggin Nueng, 65, from Bekenu, Sarawak, was finishing her laundry at the banks of Sungai Suai when the crocodile latched onto her right leg, Harian Metro reported.

“It tried to drag me into the middle of the river but I began kicking it," she said.

The attack happened at about 3.30pm incident on Monday.

"After five minutes, it let go of my leg and I swam to shore with a bloodied leg."

Croc wants to snack on granny

Her daughter, who was nearby, helped her ashore. She is recuperating at Miri Hospital, the Star Online added.

The buaya is not getting away scot-free. A hunt is underway, said a Sarawak Forestry Corporation spokesman, with members of the Swift Wild Life Action Team dispatched to catch the crocodile.

Moral of the story: Never cross an elderly woman, much less treat her as a tasty snack.

Sources: Star Online, Harian Metro